Latin America is now China’s slave colony

Rick:You’ve put it all together very well but no one else has done this. When you look at the whole picture it becomes very scary. But how can we expect China to forego economic growth and materialism when every other developed country in the world has made these its primary goal and shows no sign of changing direction? And all the US wants is the chance to peddle
its own goods to millions of new consumers in the world.

Trade is nothing but self interested greed. No country wants to lose the chance to dominate world trade. In the end it is a zero sum game though they pretend otherwise just as they pretend that this will lift up the poor….like they “lifted up” all those African refugees drowning in the Mediterranean. What is somewhat amusing but actually frightening is how the dialogue about mitigating climate change is stuck in the groove of “green economies”, renewable energy and technology, in a complete void where overpopulation and the drive for growth and overconsumption are never mentioned. We can thank the economists for that as well as governments.

Anyone who is honest and with a reasonable amount of intelligence can see that the whole capitalist system is doomed. Interim life saving measures will be applied that may slow things down or fix one small marginal problem or another or cushion the blow (though few countries really care about their poor anyway…except China!). But icing on the cake isn’t solving things. It’s just short term, and never takes into account unforeseen problems like natural disasters, epidemics, refugees, water shortages and ethnic/religious conflicts.

Those who think economic policy can fix anything never take these things into account. This is as dumb as those who think technology will come up with an answer. Environmentalists who try to talk about reality are called starry eyed or misguided; but it is those who believe in technology, economic manipulation and ignore socio-political/ecological trends or events who are the starry eyed optimists. There is no evidence whatsoever that they are right, and abundant evidence that the environmentalists are right. But like Cassandra, who had the gift of seeing the future, no one believes them.

The tragedy in this country is the indifference of the left and liberals to home in on the central problem. They are in denial and find the easy way out by focusing on social justice issues…..which are in fact amenable to change but have little to do with planetary survival.

But adjusting to the exigencies of ecology and planetary survival,with their strict limitations, is out of the question.They still think that if we just change governments or politicians or personal life styles, all these problems will be resolved. Murray Bookchin was partly responsible for this mode of thought when he wrote that when we end the domination of man over man, the domination of nature will end. He had it exactly backwards, something I wrote about in my 1989 paper for the EcoPolitics IV conference in Adelaide. Most of the left, when they think about nature and ecology at all, still believe him. The Marxists still preach revolution and socialism as the answers, not least the PTSD afflicted plagiarist, Chris Hedges. It’s a secular religion, this cult of believing that human needs take precedence and that Nature will be protected when we end poverty. Liberalism is the secular religion preaching morality instead of political change and ecological understanding. Ideological fixation is the disease of our time, whether religious or secular.

On May 17, 2015, at 8:13 AM, classicautopicks wrote:


Most do not understand the threat that China poses to the world. If they think about it, it is mostly in terms of military confrontations. The worst threat is that they have taken over where the U.S. left of in economic drive coupled with the need for 7 percent growth or more. It needs to do this to feed a population and provide it with the products of western consumerism even down to their most isolated farmer. It is the only way they can avoid a revolution. The consumer happiness of their people is paramount even to the detriment of the world if the communist regime is to retain power.

The end result is exploitation of resources not only in Latin America but Africa as well and probably for far longer. Already it is one if not the main customer for Australian coal while it mines vast quantities itself. The main issue I see is that China is not ready and will not be ready any time soon to comply with treaty pressures that stem its extraction of coal, reduces its GDP or requires it to limit emission or place any carbon tax on its products. This presents a problem. If China itself does not address an already large CO2 emission problem, the rest of the world cannot make her do it.



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